Say hello to a beautiful and balanced complexion! Thanks to the potent nature of botanical algae extracts and soothing moisturizers, DOSHA's Moisture Series products improve the complexion of the skin by keeping it fresh, toned, and supple. The skin is nourished, giving it the vital protection it needs from the environment and everyday stress. DOSHA's Moisture Series helps revitalize dry, blemished skin by reversing and preventing damage caused by harmful ultraviolet rays, humidity, air-conditioning, and daily stress. DOSHA's Moisture Series helps balance and protect the skin, leaving it with a beautiful, healthy glow!
Moisture Cleansing Milk
Moistue Tonic Lotion
Super Hydrating Serum
Moisture Day Protecting Cream
Moisture Repairing Night Cream
Moisture Mask
Hydra Fluid Serum With Liposomes
Gentle Exfoliating Cream
Ultra Hydrating Ampoules
DS100/200ml, DP100/500ml
DS106/200ml, DP106/500ml
DS103/50ml, DP103/250ml
DS104/50ml, DP104/250ml
DS105/75ML, DP105/250ml
DS102/50ml, DP102/200ml
DS108/75ml, DP108/250ml
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