DOSHA Spa Aromatherapy Series are mild by nature and as basic as life intended. The pledge is to help the body organize its therapeutic energy and for the body to reach and maintain a balanced, healthy state.

Drainage DP001/500ml
Specifically formulated for the treatment is designed to act on the main causes of liquid retention and cellulite,its immediate effects being circulatory activator and capillary permeability regulator

Mental Fatigue DP002/500ml
These are specifically desigened to reduce blood pressure and lower stress levels.It deeply relaxes the muscles,reduceing blood vessel constriction and improving the circulation,help with the muscles decongestion and anti-inflammation anti-spasmodic,calms the nervous system to eliminate any type of pains.

Revive DP003/500ml
A soft textured oil enriched with botanical extracts and emollient designed to promote skin vitatily. It stimulates circulation and restores vital moisture for radiant dewy complexion. Effective against tissular slackening helps to maintain firmness and satin smooth in the long run.

Stress Relief DP004/500ml
These are specifically designed to balance energy,tone the muscles and release tension in the body.Help with the
pulsing rhythms of cerebrospinal fluis,carrying healing massages around the body and stimulating the bodyˇ¦s
self-healing mechanisms.Tension in the muscles is released,dispersing toxins,reducing mental and physical stress and improving blood flow to the brain

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